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Why Use Beard Balm?

As you may have learned in its dedicated guide, beard oil is nothing new and can be traced as far back as ancient civilizations in today’s Persian Gulf. Although beard balm is slightly more recent, it borrows from a number of preexisting natural remedies and treatments.

In short, beard balms are structurally similar to lip balms and other natural moisturisers and creams. Unlike beard oil, it comes as a hard paste that melts when rubbed in the palms of your hands. Otherwise, natural beard balms follow the same concept as beard oils in that they’re composed of...

Why use Beard Oil?

Beard Oil Really Beneficial?
Did you know that around 55% of men all over the world sport facial hair? In fact over the last few years, beards have seen a dramatic rise in popularity - with different styles and sizes, you are unique, you are different and rock your beard how you like it.
Did you know beards help to block 95% of the sun's damaging UV rays. This means that a beard can considerably lower your risk of skin cancer.
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