Why use Beard Oil?

Beard Oil Really Beneficial?
Did you know that around 55% of men all over the world sport facial hair? In fact over the last few years, beards have seen a dramatic rise in popularity - with different styles and sizes, you are unique, you are different and rock your beard how you like it.
Did you know beards help to block 95% of the sun's damaging UV rays. This means that a beard can considerably lower your risk of skin cancer.
Growing a awesome beard has tons of benefits one of them to be a attraction to the ladies. Just about every man who ever tried to grow a beard knows that growing a beard comes with set challenges, patchy faze, beard itch and beardruff YES it is a word(flakey or dandruff). Beard Oil helps minimize and reduces these challenges so you can grow a healthy lush beard.
Carrier oils such as Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Grapeseed oil are excellent moisturizing oils, benefit for the skin and the beard.
Essentials Oils for example Cedarwood essentail oil not only make the beard smell like you just stepped out of the woods but has some incredible properties, a excellent antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal and elevate the mood.
when mixed with carrier oils such as argan oil, this beard oil blend will help fight beard itch, prevent infections, nourish, repair and soften the grzzle on your face.
Beard oil makes a difference between having a beard that looks like as though you have not shaved for months - to having a soft, untangled, well-maintained beard that you, and those around you, have come to adore beacuse of beard oil.
The reason acne occurs is because the hair follicle gets clogged, causing blocked pores and inflammation. Applying Beard oil & massaging the oil  goes deep in the hair follicle and helps clear blockages responsible for causing acne breakouts.
carrier oil and essential oils in beard oil combined have excellent anti-inflammatory healing properties which help clear out infections and control red skin and inflammation. This helps reduce acne symptoms and breakouts. KEEP AWAY from beard oils that contain silicone or alcohol or any other synthetic ingredients that can trigger acne, only go for 100% natural, ORGANIC cold press oils.
Anything between 4 to 8 drops depending on the size of your beard, used daily will tame your grzzly beard, make you look well groomed (giving the impression that you take care of yourself), and make your beard smell awesome - beard oil does wonders for your confidence! rock on.

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