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Grzzly Beard Oil: Rose Gold Line

Embrace Autumn!

Grzzly's Rose Gold Line brings together woody, citrusy and spicy themed scents combined with notes that give your beard a unique Autumn smell!

Blending 100% organic & natural carrier oils our Autumn collection of handcrafted beard oils consists of three distinct scent profiles

Woody: Back 2 the Woods
Patchouli, Cedarwood, Ylang-ylang & lime
Citrusy: Citrus Fusion
Grapefruit, orange, lime & cedarwood
Spicy: Frankinstein
Sweet mandarin, Frankincense and black pepper

All scent profiles come in beard oil, beard butter and beard balms that you may additionally add to your cart to create a bundle and enjoy up to a guaranteed 15-17% discount on total order value!

Choose your desired scent profile from our Autumn Rose Gold Line