The Grzzly Scent Guide

The Best Scented Beard Oil, Butter and Balms

Grzzly offers a wide range of fragrant beard oils, beard butter and balms. Today four distinct scent lines are available offering fourteen unique scent profiles including two independent profiles. Each line carries its own theme topped with each profiles unique notes. 

Unleash only the light natural scents of carrier oils. No added fragrance oils

Liquid Gold
Light fresh Coffee, vanilla drip, sugar notes and citrus fresh

Platinum Line - Oudwood/agarwood

The King
Oud, coconut, cedarwood, tonka bean and amber
Truly a gentlemen cologne scent, with a masculine upfront oud wood followed by light coconut, tonka bean and musky amber.

The Knight
Agarwood, cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver, amber, lavender, vanilla and citrus fruits.
A manly, masculine profile for a true gentleman on an evening out or even a profile to smell amazing every day.

The Crown
Oud wood, Fresh blueberry, crisp green apple, exotic mango, raspberry, peach and rose
Intoxicating twists of fruit layers, fresh blueberry, followed by candy apple, woodsy oud, tangy raspberry and peachy goodness.


Rose Gold Line - Woody, citrus, spice

Back 2 The Woods 
Cedarwood, Patchouli, ylang-ylang and lime
Earthy patchouli, woodsy cedar aroma, ylang yalng with hints of fresh lime. A smell that takes you straight back to the woods. A scent profile which every woodsy lover would enjoy in there beard grooming collection.
Citrus Fusion
Cedarwood, Grapefruit, orange and lime
Fresh & uplifting with a zesty touch. Start the day off right with a fruity top note and a slight woodsy cedar base note, truly an everyday profile.
Sweet mandarin, frankincense and black pepper
Musky spice with a hint of sweet mandarin and a back note of black pepper perfect for the cold weathers not to be missed a definite must-have beard oil for a boss beard.


The Candy-Shop Line - Sweets, candy/lolly

Mango Passion
Exotic mango, luscious passion fruit and citrus
Ain't nothing like a perfect summers day and a tropical burst of mango and passion fruit Candy lollypop.

Lime Berry Pop  
Fresh summer strawberries & zesty lime
The perfect childhood Mr Freeze strawberry and lime. First, you get the lime and then when you apply on your beard you release the fresh summer strawberries.

Screwball Bubble
Bubblegum, pineapple, citrus
Like no other. Screwball ice cream bubble gum, sweet bubbly and definitely one that might even make you eat your beard.

To-Bacco Line - Fresh Tobacco

Warm vanilla, fresh cherry to-bacco, dark leather and amber
Sitting back on a comfortable leather chair with amber aroma in the air and you open a fresh cherry vanilla cigar and take a whiff. Grzzly's Cherry-Bacco gives you just that feel. 
Sweet golden honey, vanilla tobacco, patchouli and amber
Sweet honey loose vanilla tobacco, earthy notes and rich amber sure to tickle the senses in this well put together scent profile.
Vanilla cream, tobacco notes, dusted with chocolate topped with freshly squeezed orange
This unique put together profile really does hit the spot with its creamy vanilla, tobacco notes and sweet orange, it will remind you of the famous chocolate orange, "it's not Terry's, it's mine!".


Fruity Fusion - Leather, fruits

Adam's Apple
Juicy green apple combined with a slice of sweet red apple, sweetened cranberry and slightly earthy but rich leather.

Pink Lemonade
Pink grapefruit, a splash of fizzy lemonade subtle light leather and Musk.

Blu Crush
Sweet & sour dark berries, rich blueberry, vanilla, coconut, woody amber and leather